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Roger Clemens is coming back!

That’s right, folks! The Rocket has just announced he’s coming back to pitch for his old team, the Yankees. Better news we couldn’t get.

Remember, you heard it here first. Details will be posted as they come in.


Here’s the latest, from the Associated Press:

Roger Clemens returned to the New York Yankees, making a dramatic announcement to fans from the owner’s box during Sunday’s game against the Seattle Mariners.

At the end of the seventh-inning stretch, Yankees public address announcer Bob Sheppard told fans to turn their attention to the box, where Clemens was standing with a microphone. As the video scoreboard in right-center televised Clemens, the seven-time Cy Young Award winner made the announcement himself.

“It’s a privilege to be back,” he said.

Clemens agreed to a minor league contract and most likely will join the Yankees after several weeks getting into shape.

Wow! Would I ever have loved to have been there! No place for our boys to go now but UP.


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