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Waitress: A Fairytale

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I haven’t seen a movie that pissed me off this much since UP THE SANDBOX some thirty-five years ago, in which Barbra Streisand flees the abortion clinic to sail off in dreams of sun-dappled babies and shiny happy mothers. Hell, at least there was an abortion clinic–in Waitress the word is too disgusting to be mentioned. For every Lulu’s Pie Shop (in Waitress) there’s a Susan Smith who dumps her kids in the lake, or an Adrienne whatshername who drowns hers in the bathtub. Mostly there’s the great in-between: the abusive or negligent mothers, or the ones–and this is the majority–who get it together to give the kids some semblance of a life but resent them for stealing hers away. Excuse me while I go puke–and I’m not even pregnant. In fact, I had not a day of morning sickness in my life. Just goes to show you–every pregnancy is different. So’s every childbirth story. But very few of them turn out like the one in Waitress.


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  1. Hey Marcy,

    I’m so not seeing this movie. You’re the second person I know to write a review with much the same take on it.


    Anyone interested in reading Alana’s friend’s review, which is excellent, here’s the URL:

  2. P.S. Andrea Yates. She drowned her five children in a bath tub. The fifth, and eldest child, a boy, fought back pretty hard, but she got him.

    What I’ve never understood, Marcy, is why her husband insisted on knocking her up FIVE TIMES while knowing she was MENTALLY ILL. Then he went off to work everyday and left her alone with thier five children.

    Andrea Yates wasn’t just depressed. She was Schizophrenic.

    When people meditate on the Andrea Yates story the issue of health insurance comes up, as does the issue of religion.

    The health insurance they had wouldn’t pay for Andrea to remain in a hospital. Meanwhile, thier religious beliefs mandated they procreate as often as possible. A woman’s duty was to raise children, put them before herself.

    I suppose since Andrea is now in prison, the rest of us are paying for her rehabilitation. And I’m sure she reads the Bible every day.

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