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Silly Witty Yankee Ditties

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I make up little songs for Yankee players, and sing them when each one  comes up to bat. Each is sung to the tune of the song listed underneath his name. The lyrics presented here are basic; I change and add new ones according to the circumstances. Feel free to add your own and share them in the comment boxes.

Johnny Damon
(Johnny Angel)

Johnny Damon
Get a base hit
You know you do it every day
Let’s start this game off right
With you on first base…

Derek Jeter
(Michelle, Ma Belle: Jeter in French means to throw—great, huh? Nomenclature is destiny. It’s pronounced Zhe-tare)

Jeter, Jeter
Hit the ball and bring
your teammates home
Jeter, Jeter
We love you, we love you, we love you
That’s all I want to say…

Alex Rodriguez
(Day-O! { aka The Banana Boat Song})

A-Rod! A-Rod!
A-Rod’s up and everyone comes home
A! is an A is an A is an A is an A is an A
A-Rod’s up and everyone comes home…


Hideki Matsui
(Twist & Shout: Ever notice how Matsui’s shoulders twitch when he’s up at bat? I think it’s sexy.)
Hideki Matsui, Hideki Matsui
twitch and hit, twitch and hit
Come on Hideki Matsui
HIdeki Matsui
Hit the ball out
out of the park
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…

Jorge Posada


Posada wo wo

Jorge Posada wo wo wo wo

Posada, he does it all. He hits, catches and directs

the game…He’s the best darn catcher I know.
Posada, wo wo, Jorge Posada, wo wo wo wo…


Robinson Cano
Anything You Can Do

Anything you can do
Cano does better
Cano can do anything
Better than you
Cano can Cano can
Cano can Cano can…


Melky Cabrera (Please Mr. Postman)

Please Mr. Melkman, look and see:

Is there a base hit or a home run in your bat for me?

You know it’s been so long since you hit one, oh year

You better wait a minute wait a minute,

Please Mr. Melkman…

Deliver de ball now, just give it your all now…



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