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The voting for players for the All Star game July 10th in San Francisco is going hot and heavy. Unlike presidential elections, fans are allowed to vote up to a total of 25 times. Although I’ve already voted once, I’ll be going back to cast 24 more votes for Jorge Posada to fill the catcher’s position.

As of this date, Ivan (Pudge) Rodriguez is leading the pack in the catching department. Handsome as the day is long, Pudge, as he’s known, is a fan favorite. I like him myself; many years ago he was even one of my favorite players, as he bears a slight resemblance to my first teenage heartthrob—a man I still occasionally talk to and continue to have romantic feelings towards.

But! Jorge Posada may not be the best looking guy crouching behind a catcher’s mask, but by any measure he’s the best at what he does. He’s been catching for the Yankees a dozen years now, coddling rookie pitchers, training young firebrands, patiently adjusting to eccentric egomaniacs like David Wells and Roger Clemens. In his private life, Posada has a son with craniosynostosis; he founded an organization to raise money for research, and has received numerous humanitarian awards (see my post, My Man Posada).

Posada is having the best year of his career, with a batting average of .344–a week or two ago, and perhaps still, the highest in both leagues. He’s had 78 hits, 9 home runs, and 43 RBIs. I tried to find out how many times he’s caught base stealers, but couldn’t find the stat (anyone know?). Based on pure observation, it’s a lot. There’s no doubt Posada deserves to play on the All-Star team this year.

There are 8 days left to vote. Go to the Major League Baseball site, click the link on the left, and vote often for my man Posada.



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  1. Not sure what to say, I love the game.


    Its a little late to vote for Jorge for the all star game but keep rooting for him to finsih with the strongest year of his career. He deserves to be MVP, BUT I don;’t think they give it to catchers very often–I do appreiate another Jorge Posada fan.–MS

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