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MLB All Star Game 2007 Roster

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Derek Jeter, left

Catcher: Ivan Rodriguez, Detroit
First Base: David Ortiz, Boston
Second Base: Placido Polanco, Detroit
Third Base: Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees
Shortstop: Derek Jeter, New York Yankees
Outfield: Vladimir Guerrero, L.A. Angels; Magglio Ordonez, Detroit; Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle.

Alex Rodriguez

Catcher: Victor Martinez, Cleveland; Jorge Posada*, New York Yankees
Infielders: Carlos Guillen, Detroit; Mike Lowell, Boston; Justin Morneau, Minnesota; Brian Roberts, Baltimore; Michael Young, Texas.
Outfielders: Carl Crawford, Tampa Bay; Torii Hunter, Minnesota; Manny Ramirez, Boston; Alex Rios, Toronto; Grady Sizemore, Cleveland.

Manny Ramirez

Josh Beckett, Boston; Dan Haren, Oakland; Bobby Jenks, Chicago White Sox; John Lackey, L.A. Angels; Gil Meche, Kansas City; Jonathan Papelbon, Boston; J.J. Putz, Seattle; Francisco Rodriguez, L.A. Angels; C.C. Sabathia, Cleveland; Johan Santana, Minnesota; Justin Verlander, Detroit.

Dan Haren


Catcher: Russell Martin, L.A. Dodgers
First Base: Prince Fielder, Milwaukee
Second Base: Chase Utley, Philadelphia
Third Base: David Wright, New York Mets
Shortstop: Jose Reyes, New York Mets
Outfield: Carlos Beltran, New York Mets; Barry Bonds**, San Francisco; Ken Griffey Jr., Cincinnati.

Jose Reyes

Catcher: Brian McCann, Atlanta
Infielders: Miguel Cabrera, Florida; J.J. Hardy, Milwaukee; Orlando Hudson, Arizona; Derrek Lee, Chicago Cubs; Albert Pujols, St. Louis; Freddy Sanchez, Pittsburgh; Dmitri Young, Washington.
Outfielders: Matt Holliday, Colorado; Carlos Lee, Houston; Aaron Rowand, Philadelphia; Alfonso Soriano, Chicago Cubs.

Alfonso Soriano

Francisco Cordero, Milwaukee; Brian Fuentes, Colorado; Cole Hamels, Philadelphia; Trevor Hoffman, San Diego; Jake Peavy, San Diego; Brad Penny, L.A. Dodgers; Takashi Saito, L.A. Dodgers; Ben Sheets, Milwaukee; John Smoltz, Atlanta; Jose Valverde, Arizona; Billy Wagner, New York Mets.


* Jorge Posada: During the voting I encouraged people to vote for Posada, who’s having the best year of his career (See posts My Man Posada and Vote for Jorge). Ivan (Pudge) Rodriguez made the cut only because his pretty face and outgoing personality make him a fan favorite. Posada’s no big looker, and he’s fairly reserved. Good looks and big smiles seem to trump skill and artistry every time.


**Barry Bonds: I’m no fan of the big guy, but I felt sorry for him when it looked like he might not get to play in the All-Star Game in his very own house, so I told people to vote for him and did so myself a few times. His joy at being elected was effusive, and I was glad he made it. A recent article in the SF Chronicle by Dave Zirin posits that racism plays a large part in fan antipathy towards Bonds. You can never count it out—but the fact that the man who’s record he’s about to break, Hank Aaron, was also African-American, takes a little bit away from the argument.

Happy All-Star Game everybody!


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  1. (This comment was moved from the “About” page)

    Steve B | | IP:

    Enjoying your baseball posts very much.
    I fear your Yankees will disappoint you this year. Indeed, I think it’s inevitable. For as much as we are drawn to mighty swings and walk-off long balls, the game is about pitching. Not hitting. Pitching. And the Yanks are weak in pitching this year. Even when Clemens returns, it won’t be enough. The other starters are inconsistent, the bullpen is the worst New York has put together in many years, and aging Mariano is finally showing some cracks. Saint Torre, Godzilla, Hip Hip Jorge, A-Rod and The Jete can’t rescue the season.
    The Red Sox, meanwhile, are so deep in pitching they could sustain an injury to one of their starters and still walk away with the division (which they will). They’ll have occasional games like last night’s, when Eric “Golden Glove” Chavez finally ended an epic battle with a shot over the right-field wall, but such losses will be few for the Sox this year. More usual will be 8-strikeout games for Schilling and Dice-K.
    Every once in a while a team dubbed “the hitless wonders” makes a run at the flag and, rarely but dramatically, succeeds. But across baseball’s long history, no team nicknamed “the pitchless wonders” have ever won a thing. That’s not a coincidence or speculation. It comes from the nature of the game.
    It’s about pitching.

    Steve–I consider myself a student of baseball, so I very much appreciate eductional input like this. When I first got into baseball in 2000, I used to think, and say (much to my embarrassment now) that they put too much emphasis on the pitchers, too much pressure, and don’t give batters enough credit. As time went on, I learned how wrong I was. Everything you say is true–”the pitchless wonders” made me laugh. I’ve never seen the Yankees do a season like this–it’s a bit hard to take. Thank God for Eric Chavez and the A’s–someone’s got to kick the Red Sox’s butt!–MS

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