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All Barry, All The Time

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What with everyone everywhere–television, front pages, radio, the blogosphere–yammering nonstop today about Barry Bonds The Home Run King, I thought I’d be contrary and comment on a different Giant Barry.

The Ballad of Barry Zito

I Lost My Arm In San Francisco
(you all know the tune)

I lost my arm in San Francisco.
High on the mound it went somewhere.
Wearing a Giants uniform
one foggy summer morn
the other teams now hit my pitch–
What a bitch!

I crossed the bridge to San Francisco
and lost the arm that used to be.
If I go home to Oakland
and put on my greens–
Will then my arm come back to me?

c. 2007 Marcy Sheiner, with help from Daryl Hochheiser
Wearing Oakland green, Zito’s ERA stats…

2004: 4.48
2005-: 3.86
2006: 3.83


…and this season, as a Giant: 5.08


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