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Bisexual Poems

Ambling around my blog I found a few stray poems on the theme of women I’ve loved that weren’t getting much attention. So I dug up a few more from my collection and posted them under what seems to be a more popular category–bisexuality.

The Last Lap

Swimming towards another shore
I pause to gaze at those behind.
Letting go was never easy
and the pain disguised as pleasure
was seductive.
How I cradled it between my breasts
pretending my yearning sighs
were of contentment.
How I studied our strokes
as we moved through the muck
only to discover
I’d been swimming alone.

I find you bobbing
like a piece of dead wood
surrounded by those
who fitfully grasp
your slippery edges.
It is not you I mourn
in crossing
but the loss of kinship
with the drowning.




Stephanie Dream #6

Traveling backwards at great speed
unable to turn or stop
I looked to you for answers.

You urged me to use drastic measures
but mutiny was never my way.
Your cries confirmed our fate

as you reached across and
fumbled with the dials
desperate to stay our course

but I wrapped myself around you
and stilled your shaking body
that we might die embracing.




Smoking Again

I couldn’t leave the cafe
without passing her
and I couldn’t pass her
so I couldn’t leave.

She hadn’t seen me yet
but he had
(didn’t tell her of course).

I studied her smoke rings
to decipher the marriage:
was it falling apart

Her hair fell
in great shimmering waves
down her back
and I could feel it
grazing his naked thigh

his fingers on her nipples
her laughter–
laughter of my girlhood!–
tickling his ears.

His eyes devouring
his hand grasping
his hands
her nipples
her hair
his thighs

I stood and passed her.
She leaned forward,
eyes wide, glad to see me.

“You’re smoking again,”
I said, and left.




Sweet Lorraine

I enter your home, a shrine.
So many years have passed.
Your hand on your daughter’s honey head–
a miniature of your own–
moves to my arm
and silences my inner storm.

You serve your family
in time-honored Judaic tradition
with so much love
that for a moment
I forget the anger of women.
You give from a source
that most of us lost track of
eons ago.

For a long time I thought
I wanted your way of life
and agonized
Why can’t I be a Lorraine?

For awhile I thought
I wanted to own you
through lovemaking perhaps
but we have made love
in a thousand ways, you say
don’t let’s analyze, let’s just love.

What I wanted was your peace of mind
and knowing, I may find it
wherever life takes me.

Oh, but sweet Lorraine
must it be without you?




Longing for Jennifer

You in autumn two years ago
in your long purple dress
carrying Jessica upstairs
I suddenly understood the song
Lady Madonna.

Now you’re in a house
you call Eagle’s Nest.
These days you have a man
and I travel without children:
Lady Madonnas no more.

I long for our yeasty kitchen
swarming with babies,
Bessie Smith‘s lament and
our midnight confessions
your soft hand
on my frightened cheek
the spectacular mountains
we challenged together.

I long for you so.
I long for an ethereal
that’s long since gone.






Stephanie woman
what’d you say
what’d you say
while I was away?
What were the words
you used for three days
to everyone else?
What were the phrases?

When next will we love?
When will we love?
Did I lose you
in the silence
of the spaces?
Did you slip away
or is it me again?

Have you changed?
Have you turned your gaze
in a new direction
or have I
and will we meet again?

Stephanie woman
did I lose you
in the silence
of the spaces?
Are you there? Where?
When next will we love?
When will we answer
these questions?


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  1. some foreign themes to me in some ways, but i did connect with a lot. loved the pace and style of the last piece.

  2. related to them all in a way… the first woman i ever loved left me for a man and is now a mother of two. were still best friends, but at times i envy her, at times i must admit i envy her husband.

    That’s what every poet likes to hear! Based on what you said, I have a very much to-that-point poem for you which I will soon post and let you know.–MS

    Poem For a Reader now available at:

  3. I truly think that your poetry is beautiful and powerful with deep meaning .im inlove with those humble tender and gentle words of lips..

    I am overcome with gratitude. Thank you.–MS

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