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Hold The Falafel: You Are What You Eat


Unbelievable. Not even George Orwell imagined the world we’re living in. After sniffing around at the books we read, the places we travel, the groups we support, and the people we see, the government’s now snooping into our grocery bags. According to a report on Democracy Now, G-Men are slinking around grocery stores in the Bay Area to note which shoppers buy Mideastern delicacies. Falafel eaters, they believe, will lead them to terrorist enclaves.

That’s the danger of rhetoric I guess–for years we’ve been saying You Are What You Eat. Don’t these people know that Americans, particularly Bay Area residents, have grown to love the cooking of just about every ethnicity and nationality in the world? My guess is, the nitwit and his cohorts still follow a diet of roast beef, mashed potatoes and canned peas; ergo, chick peas in a shopping cart virtually scream out terrorism.


In Other Food Related News

senator-hillary-rodham-clinton.jpgHillary Clinton made a quick stop for lunch on the campaign trail at a diner, where she picked the brain of her waitress, a single mother working two jobs. For all of Hillary’s sympathetic cluck-clucking, the waitress said afterwards that she didn’t think Clinton understood a word of what she said. Worse yet—she didn’t leave a tip.

Update Nov. 9th: Clinton’s campaign staffers went into overdrive yesterday on damage control. They say they left a tip of $100, to be divided among all the waitresses serving all the tables where campaign staff were seated. Waitress still says she never saw a penny. One of the staffers ran back to the diner to give her a twenty. This just might become a real issue, to which I say, Go for it! I hope everyone starts asking all the candidates their positions on tipping. What better way to determine character, as well as awareness of working class issues?



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