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Schilling’s Sermon on the Mound

ph_121811.jpgCurt Schilling, who seems to consider himself a Great Thinker, posted a long, rambling, sometimes incoherent and poorly written statement on his blog yesterday, spouting his opinions regarding the Mitchell Report. One by one Schilling passes judgment, good or bad, on players named in the report. Nobody other than die-hard Red Sox fans would care or even notice what the guy has to say if it wasn’t for his one Big Bomb: Roger Clemens’ “4 Cy Youngs should go to the rightful winners…”

First of all, just who might those “rightful winners” be? Do we know for certain that other contenders never took steroids etcetera? Schilling is arrogant enough to probably be thinking of himself as the “rightful winner.” Let us not forget that Roger Clemens is Curt Schilling’s direct rival.Schilling barely covers his ass, avoiding a potential slander suit, by adding, “if he cannot refute the accusations.” But throughout his rant, he makes it clear that he thinks Roger’s guilty.

As with any sermon, Schilling makes sure to throw in a hefty dose of Christian self-righteousness. But as a considered argument, his statement is almost laughable. He contradicts himself at every turn–for instance, condemning Roger for claiming innocence, then accusing anyone who hasn’t done the same thing of guilt by default.


The piece is worth reading, though, for his take on Barry Bonds, who, he says, “hit a home run in the bottom of the 9th inning off of me to tie a game (1993), and stood at home plate for about 3 days.” Of Greg Anderson, Barry’s friend and personal trainer who spent a year in jail rather than rat on him, he notes, “… how good of a friend would I be if I allowed someone I considered to be my friend to go to jail for me? What does that say about me?” Personally, I consider Anderson to be the one hero in this whole melodrama thus far.


I admit I’m starting to doubt Roger Clemens’ innocence. But given the baseball environment of the times, neither he nor Barry Bonds should be singled out as the worst of the steroid swallowers–and certainly not by the man with The Bloody Sock.


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  1. Curt Schilling is many things:

    1) a steroid addict (in deep denial)
    2) a moron
    3) dumber than a sack of bricks
    4) a bald faced liar
    5) a Disney-ESPN creation
    6) a Hulk Hogan MLB freak (as is Ortiz & Bonds)
    7) a typical Tv athlete (they all dope and lie)
    8) a buffoon who hides behind his charity
    9) much like Georeg J. Mitchell, a fraud
    10) soon to be off-line

  2. Well Schilling is a moron. I know that for sure. Nice post, I see you were able to get past the blind rage his idiocy brings (to me at least) and write something coherent. He just blinds me with anger.

    Ah, it’s so validating to hear from other Schilling-haters!–MS

  3. Oh I hate Schilling most out of all the Red Sox. I wish he would retire and never be heard from again. His career should consist of signing autographs at a mall outside of Branson, Missouri.

  4. Barry Bonds’ habit of standing at the plate while the ball he’s just hit soars beyond the fence, as if he’s an artist who cannot help admiring his own talent, pisses me off more than his (still alleged) steroid use. He showboats at the expense of the pitcher and catcher, and that’s lame and classless. See Crash Davis’s words on just this matter in the film “Bull Durham.”

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