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Upset In Iowa: Edwards Trumps Clinton


That’s not a headline you’re likely to see this morning. As it’s been doing all along, the media only pays attention to the horse race between Obama and Hillary (Do they/we call her Hillary because Clinton is inextricably linked with Bill? Or is this sexism in action?).

But to many people–waving hand frantically over here–the big story out of Iowa is that John Edwards pulled in 30% of the primary vote, while Hillary only garnered 29%. I know, I know–I am not an idiot–the really big story out of Iowa is that an African-American won handily with 37% of the vote. It’s a big deal, of course it is. But I’ve supported Edwards all along, and I’m sticking to my story. Why? Because he’s the only candidate of these three contenders who talks about anything of substance. His main theme is anti-corporation and pro-working and middle class people. Maybe that’s why the corporate media avoids talking about him.

Just listen to the three post-primary speeches:

Barack Obama

John Edwards

Hillary Clinton

I rest my case.


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  1. i am in your camp, strongly agree. thanks for the post, keep it up.

  2. John Edwards’ 30% is very respectable and certainly reflects a lot of hard work. Both Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama scored impressive and surprising wins in Iowa and also earned a lot of respect. The most surprising finish, I think, was Ron Paul with 10% and you have to admit, “who is Ron Paul”? John Edwards will need a lot of money to compete the rest of the way and this may limit his chances. Ron Paul will just go to the internet and for some crazy reason(s) a lot of people will send money.

  3. Checking in from New Hampshire…

    Edwards spent a great deal of time and money in Iowa — much more time than either Obama or Clinton. His second-place finish has got to be disheartening to him, and I thought he sounded that way when I heard him interviewed on NPR the day after the Iowa caucuses.

    What will be very interesting is if Edwards finishes second in New Hampshire, above Clinton (I think Obama will win the state’s Democratic primary; McCain probably will take the Republican side). Clinton will stay in the race at least through Feb. 5; she remains strong in California, and a win for her there will tighten the race excruciatingly, especially if Obama or Edwards wins in South Carolina that same day.

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