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Ralph Nader: Expletive Deleted

Here he comes again. The Jon Edwards campaign has hardly been properly mourned, and Ralph Nader comes riding in on his big bullshit machine to be sure we get four more years of despotic rule, this time starring John “Bomb Iran” McCain.

I don’t like using the word HATE, but I don’t know what else to call my feelings towards Ralph Nader. He talks trash about how we need a third party, he says people like me are anti-third party and therefore anti-progressive. Listen up, Ralphie boy! I’m not against third parties—I am against YOU. I’m against you because you don’t give a shit about the dangerous times we’re living in; your ego says you’re the only person on the planet who’s got things right, and you must come to the rescue of your country.

This is egomaniacal bullshit, Ralph!

Sure, Nader’s got a great analysis of corporatism and what to do about it. But given his personality, he wouldn’t get it done even if he were elected, which he knows damn well he won’t be. And can anyone seriously imagine Ralph Nader negotiating with foreign heads of state? I can’t.

Which is beside the point: he won’t get elected, and he knows it. He’s running only so he can shoot off his mouth. Listen up again, Ralphie Boy: You don’t have to run for president in order to shoot off your mouth. You’ve managed quite nicely in that department as a mere citizen. All your candidacy will do is knock votes off the Democratic ticket. This time it will also give those Dems who can’t bear to vote for a woman or a black, as the case may be, a white male to vote for. Once more you’ll blow our team out of the water with your gibberish about how there’s no difference between the parties or the candidates

No difference between the Nobel prize winner and The Nitwit?!?

I don’t know what can be done to stop this egomaniac, but if anyone has any ideas, I’m ready to help implement them.

images-112.jpegNobel Prize Winner


images-42.jpeg Nitwit


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