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Michael Vick’s Dogs

If, like me, you watch Animal Planet’s endless animal cop shows–coming from New York, Detroit, Houston, Miami, and San Francisco–you’ll want to read the real life story of the dogs tortured by Michael Vick who are now being pampered by rescuers, some of them by court order.

Just as with those cop shows, it’s painful to see and hear how the dogs were treated, but it’s heartening to find out how they’re doing now. Another similarity: on the shows abusers hardly ever get jail time; Michael Vick got something like two years, but he deserves to be locked up a lot longer.

By the way, today Animal Planet will be showing, opposite the SuperBowl, Puppy Bowl IV, three hours of puppies left free to frolic on an indoor football field of sorts. (You can even vote for “Most Valuable Puppy” on the website). I wonder which program Vick is watching from his cell?

(Below is Iris, a horribly abused dog who was rescued in Hong Kong, somehow got to the States, and was adopted by someone in California.)



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  1. i am an avid animal lover, and have been watching pet planet ever since it first aired…i don’t care how sorry, or how long michael vick did time, or how much he had to pay back, or even if they let him back to play football, i disagree with any series that shows him on/ especially on pet planet…i think he is sorry alright…sorry that he got caught…thank you for letting me vent..

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