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I wake up, turn on CNN, and find out that Senator Hillary Clinton won three of yesterday’s four primaries, including the most important ones, Ohio and Texas. I learn this from the little banner beneath the talking head, who makes it sound like something quite different happened: he’s marvelling over the fact that Hillary’s not likely to quit the campaign.

images-11.jpegQUIT?!? As in John Kerry? As in Al Gore? images-112.jpegShe won Texas, New York and California, she just won three of four states, and they’re wondering why she doesn’t quit? That Saturday Night Live skit was right on, but I guess it didn’t teach the media anything.

(Note: I just tried to link to the skit, and discovered it’s been banned from You Tube. What’s up with that?)

images.jpegSpeaking of media, did you catch Hillary on Jon Stewart last night? He asked her why, the night before a big primary, she was spending time on his show, and she copped to being “pathetic.” She’s getting more and more adorable as time goes on. During her victory speech she was bubbling with joy, saying things like, “This is for everyone who ever stumbled and got right back up.” Hey, she speaks to and for me.

They’re saying her wins are the result of getting tough on Obama, mainly that red phone ad pandering to America’s deepest fears. I don’t like it, but I don’t think, as some bloggers have noted, it’s racist–at least it wasn’t meant to be. obama.jpgAnyhow, I don’t think the ad is the reason Hillary made a comeback. Rather, by pointing out some of Obama’s imperfections, she got people to take a more realistic look at him, and they’re starting to realize his pretty rhetoric is pretty thin. I’m hoping Obama mania peaked already, and is now on the down slide. I’m hoping like mad for a Hillary Clinton presidency.

bill-clinton.jpgAnother thing I’m wondering: did Hillary’s staff kill Bill? and if so, where’s the body? Since his bumbling racism in North Carolina, we’ve seen neither hide nor hair of the man. Shouldn’t the spouse at least appear by his mate’s side holding her hand in the air after a win? They’ve obviously decided he’s anathema to her campaign, and maybe they’re right. But “they” say Al Gore made a mistake by not using Bill in his run for the presidency, that it’s partly why he lost. Of course, this is different: Hillary needs to show independence from Bill, to play down the whole “co-presidency” idea. I just hope it’s the right strategy.


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  1. Bill is alive and well and on the trail for Hillary, criss crossing and speaking. He was quoted at a rally in Texas telling voters there, she, Hillary, needed their help.

    This campaign is one of the most exciting campaigns in a long while. And while media “experts” and bloggers alike pontificate on race and gender instead of positions and experience, it is still okay to take pride in being able to relate to candidates also on the historical merits of this campaign (at least in my humble opinion).

  2. My new mantra: “Yes, she can!”

    I like “Yes, she will!”–MS

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