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Happy Spring!

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Happy Spring–and Happy Birthday to me, and to my grandson Lowell. I’m going down to LA to spend our contiguous birthdays together. He’ll be 8, and I’ll be…but why keep counting? After so many years it gets tedious. On his fifth birthday we did the kids’ party on his day, and when the next day, my birthday, went along the same as any other, he said, with deep and genuine concern, “Gamma, today’s your birfday, and nobody’s coming over.” I swear, I wished we’d organized a party for me just so he wouldn’t be disappointed.

A note to regular readers: I won’t be posting a new erotic story until next Monday. I hope this doesn’t represent a hardship (pun intended) but if it does, you’ll just have to make do with re-reading last week’s story. Or hey, here’s a novel idea: Go out and buy one of my collections! You know, those things with two hard covers and papers with ink print on them. They can even be taken to bed more easily than a computer.

images-15.jpegIf you haven’t caught Barack Obama’s entire speech in response to the flap about his pastor, DO! It’s an incredible piece of oratory. The man is extremely smart, and what he says about racism in America is right on. I’m still backing Hillary Clinton, but this speech definitely warmed me towards Obama.


I never thought I’d see the day I’d have something good to say about the Red Sox, but that day is here. When they got wind of the fact that their coaches and crew weren’t going to be paid as much as the players for their games in Japan, the team went into a huddle, and emerged to declare a boycott. The issue was resolved in a nanosecond, with everyone getting equal pay. I gotta say, I’m impressed as hell by the team I usually love to hate.

images-3.jpegFive Years Too Long: People demonstrated all over the globe today, the fifth anniversary of America’s war on Iraq. I was in San Francisco, so I stopped by Civic Center. It was still early, but the place usually fills up much more even ahead of time. Meanwhile, the Dick–Cheney, that is–declared in an interview yesterday that he doesn’t give a shit what the American people have to say. His wording is a little different, of course–he says you can’t listen to the polls–but it amounts to the same thing, total disdain for the people whose bidding he’s supposed to do. You know, government of the people, by the people, and for the people?

images-51.jpegSince I was so early for the demo, I went into the SF Public Library to sit down and read for awhile. The place was so noisy, there was no way I could concentrate. People were talking on cell phones all over the place. I glared. I reminded them they were in a library. Finally I asked the librarian what was up–aren’t cell phones banned? With typical contemporary Californian timidity, images-41.jpegshe told me that only if they’re really loud is the staff “allowed”–allowed!–to make them cease and desist. I’m curious as to whether other libraries allow cell phone use, particularly in New York–I just can’t imagine it. One guy actually came into the library specifically so he could converse out of the sound of traffic! I tell you, it’s going to be a long time before I recover from this experience.

Have a good Spring Equinox!

Grrr! The Lions at the NY Library are quite displeased.


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