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Regular readers may recall that last year I wrote new lyrics to old tunes, one for each Yankee player. Below are a few more, written for new players, plus one for Melky Cabrera, for whom I never came up with anything last season. Also, Robinson Cano’s song has been changed from “Anything you can do Cano can do better,” to the snappier “Here’s to you Robinson Cano.”

Caveat: I wrote these the day after the first Yankee-Red Sox series of the season, in which New York’s performance was less than stellar. I had been afraid this would happen, since they did very little to remedy last season’s weaknesses in the pitching rotation. This year I’m working on accepting them as mere mortals—but if things improve as the season evolves, rest assured it will be reflected in lyrical changes.

(Note: Sorry for the paucity of photos—WordPress just did a re-design and many of us are having difficulty uploading images now. I’m workin’ on it.)

Joe Girardi (“Joe II”)
(to the tune of It’s My Party)

I’m Girardi and I’ll cry If I want toJoe II Girardi
cry if I want to, cry if I want to.
Even Torre would bitch
If he had these pitchers!

Nobody knows where our pitching has gone
but Torre left the same time.
How could Georgie stick me with this
and think that everything’s fine?

(repeat chorus)

George didn’t get us Johan Santana
Instead he went to the Mets
How can I make the playoffs
Without our old pitching vets?

I’m Girardi
and I’ll fail if I don’t get
a couple of starters
and a good bullpen
Even Torre would bitch
If he had these pitchers!

Robinson Cano
(to the tune of Mrs. Robinson)

And here’s to you Robinson Cano
Yankees love you more than we can say
Hey hey hey
God bless you please Robinson Cano
Cooperstown has room for those who play
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey

We’d like to know a little bit about your statistics.
We’d like to see you go far in this game.
Look around you, all you see are loving Yankee fans.
Most of all you’ll be a hero to the kids.

You might be the new Dimaggio.
Yankee fans are looking up to you.
Woo woo woo
Or maybe you’ll be like Jackie R
The guy your parents named you for oh yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

Melky Cabrera
(To the tune of Please Mr. Postman)

Please Mr. Melkman
Look and see
Is there a hit or a home run
in your bat for me?
Don’t make me wait too long
Til you hit a home run
Out the park.

You better wait a minute wait a minute
Please Mr. Melkman

Deliver da hit run
And help the team win one!

Alberto Gonzalez
(to the tune of Lady Madonna)

Alberto Gonzalez standing at the plate:
Wonder if this rookie can make the grade.
You get the money playing good or bad
Just don’t make the Steinbrenner Brothers mad.

Friday night the Yankees creamed the Red Sox
Saturday the Red Sox gave it back.
Sunday they slaughtered you at Fenway
Next time give ‘em flak!

‘Berto Gonzalez, balls flying around
Here’s hoping that you will do the Yankees proud!

Jose Molina
(to the tune of Corinna, Corinna)

Molina, Molina,
Squatting behind the plate.
Molina, Molina,
to give Jorge a break.
I been worryin’ about you,
Hoping you’ll be as great.

The catcher makes the call,
and the pitchers listen.
When Posada makes the call,
even the Rocket listens.
Just give ‘em hell
If your calls they’re dissin’.


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