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Obama on Rights

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Okay, I know I heard the words correctly–but I’m not sure I HEARD what Barack Obama was saying in last night’s umpteenth debate with Hilary Clinton. Asked where exactly he stands on gun control and the constitutional right to bear arms, Obama replied, “Just because you have a right doesn’t mean the state or local community can’t constrain it.” Wha?????

If you don’t see anything wrong with that, pretend he was talking about Freedom of Speech and see how you feel.

I don’t think Obama literally means what he said–I think he spoke without thinking precisely what he was saying. By now this man, a gifted orator, has made too many gaffes, or statements subject to misnterpretation, for me to feel comfortable about his leadership. Not that I won’t vote for him if he ends up being the Democratic candidate: I will. But I’m serious pulling for Hillary to win the nomination.


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