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Train Wreck Continued

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The more I ruminate on what’s happened with this election, the more agitated I become. I’m thinking about all those Democratic candidates who had so much potential, but who never stood a chance with a woman and a Black man in the game. It’s not the Party’s fault, nor is it anyone’s fault exactly…it’s kind of a Perfect Storm of circumstances that came together to make things happen the way they did.

I just can’t help imagining where we’d be now if Joe Biden or Christopher Dodd were the Democratic nominee. In the crystal ball of my mind I see John McCain looking like the hypocritical sycophant he is, rather than the straight-talking war hero the media makes him out to be. All this agitation would melt away, and the Democrats would take over governance of the nation smoothly, naturally, the way it should be in a year like this.

I can’t bear thinking about what it will be like when McCain is president. Obama says he’ll be better than George W. Bush, but as someone commented on another blog, Joey Buttafuckingfucco would be better than Bush. While almost anyone is better, some are mo’ better than others. McCain isn’t. All the Democrats who were sacrificed so the world might be entertained for a year and a half would have reversed most of Bush’s policies and steered the country onto a better course.

Damn damn damn damn damn!!


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