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Is The Sky Falling?

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Simpsons boss

Am I the only one who’s alarmed by recent happenings in the world? When the pieces are taken all together, there’s a case to be made that world systems are breaking down–or maybe these are just the sounds of the American Empire crumbling.

What could be more alarming than a worldwide food shortage, with food riots breaking out all over? The housing market continues its long crash, airline companies fall by the wayside, jobs are cut just about every week, and don’t forget the price of gas (I do forget, having given up my car two years ago, about which I’m now thrilled). They keep saying we’re in a recession–actually, The Nitwit still maintains we might be heading for one–but to me it’s sounding frighteningly like near-Depression, with a capital D.

And I haven’t even mentioned the raging wars.

I worry and I wonder. Is the sky falling? Ultimately, these signs of social collapse may not matter, considering that the planet itself is on its way to the big dumpster in the sky, deteriorating even faster than Al Gore is telling us.


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  1. ……the water and sewer systems of many cities are how old?……..

    Right! After I wrote this, I thought of a zillion other indications that things are falling apart. Thanks for the link.–MS

  2. The current … system that underlays this totalitarian economic society is a contrivance that has evolved over decades bolstered by a civil society and social consciousness that corresponds to the precepts and direct control exerted by the business elite. It is just one of innumerable economic models humanly imaginable that could have served as a basis for the economic foundation of …society. As it stands the global community has settled upon the ‘bones’ of what once may have been a ‘free market’ system envisioned by Adam Smith, Ricardo, and other utopian classical economic thinkers who failed to inject the element of human unpredictability into their ‘perfect’ economic models.

    Due to the direct manipulation by the business elite of this malleable economic system we have ended up with a distorted hideous dysfunctional relic…Through the business elite’s manipulative contrivances that allow them to scour the planet in search of low wage labor while labor is relatively constrained from free mobility because of nation-state laws and economic circumstance the bargaining power of labor is now negligible…

    …{W}e have a fast approaching economic societal disaster moving into view. The shock waves of which are already further perturbing the contrived system with 65,000 retail stores projected to close within the upcoming months, durable goods (big ticket items – cars, refrigerators, etc.) orders falling, unprecedented mortgage foreclosures, and other numerous indicators of a working class no longer able to acquire credit from the ‘company stores’ (banks, credit cards) in order to shore up our paltry wages.

    This totalitarian economic society contrived in the interests of the business elite channels greed, corruption, environmental destruction, inequity, disruption, unreliability, instability, governmental malfeasance, and government by lobbyist into a stream of putrid slime that is raining its filth across our planet. It is time to take back our governments, exert our power in numbers, pressure our governmental representatives into the realization that they’ll be held to account for their treasonous actions … Act now not tomorrow – from the standpoint of economic justice there’ll be no tomorrow if we disregard reality.

    Ray–I’ve edited your comment a bit for length. I think I’ve retained its passion and its point. Thanks for both.–MS

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