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An Open Letter To George McGovern and the Democratic Party:

Please, please, please! You must STOP telling Hillary Clinton to drop out of the primary race! The situation is not exactly the same as it was in 1972—how could it be? We’re living in a whole different era, with different rules, different people and a completely altered political landscape.

One of Senator Clinton’s reasons for continuing is profoundly correct: she has brought in voters who will not vote for Barack Obama in November; they will vote for John McCain. To put it most bluntly, the majority of people who voted for Obama in the primary will vote for Clinton over McCain, but those who voted for Clinton will not vote for Obama in the general election. It’s that simple.

I don’t believe Obama can win the general election—but that isn’t the only reason I want Clinton to stay. I want her to stay because I’m still smarting from the last two elections, when the Democrats did not stand up and fight for themselves or their constituents (me). The 2000 election was stolen, and I’m not sure the Democrats and Al Gore did everything they could to prevent it. In the 2004 election, John Kerry promised during the campaign that he’d fight to the bitter end—and then he conceded well before the votes were counted! I felt utterly betrayed, and I lost all respect for Kerry.

Hillary Clinton is proving her loyalty and her strength (as if she hadn’t already proved that through her trials as First Lady, when she was stalked and maligned by the right wing). I respect her for refusing to cave into pressure, from George McGovern or anybody else. I’m with her all the way. I wish her party would have a little faith in themselves. Even though bad blood has been shed during the primary, the wounds can be healed in the interests of success in November. The voters know how important it is; why don’t the Democratic leaders?

Whether Clinton wins or not, her refusal to leave before she actually loses is admirable. As the first viable female Presidential candidate, she’s setting a powerful example for little girls.

Go, Hillary! We’re with ya!


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  1. The fight should be against the republican candidate — not against other democrats. She has no chance to win the candidacy at this point and all this mud slinging is hurting the party.

    If she stays in, she should focus her attacks on McCain — not on Obama.

  2. I heard it’s possible she’s going to wait until WV and Oregon so she can go out on top and Obama doesn’t have to lose after she drops. If that’s her train of thought then I actually commend her.
    But that doesn’t really sound too Clinton, does it?
    Anyway, at some point you need to confront the fact that she can’t win anymore. The sooner you do that, the easier it will be.

    I think you’re selling Kerry short. He waited until the next day to concede, so it wasn’t like he saw a small deficit in Ohio and immediately threw up his hands. Besides, as a Democrat who spites the ground Bush walks on, I have to admit there wasn’t really any even pseudo-credible evidence that Kerry should have won the election.

    I seem to remember Kerry conceding really early on, before all of Ohio or some state was even counted.He’d promised to stay in through the end. Anyhow, I sure hope you’re wrong about Hillary’s chances. You know, anything could happen.–MS

  3. Malcom M. Butehorn

    Here here! No Democratic elder is gonna shut my mouth up or stifle Senator Clinton. Why can’t she stay in it? What’s the big problem? Those calling for her to quit are afraid that at the end of the day, the superdelegates will realize what she has been saying all along, that she is the best candidate to beat McCain, not Obama.

  4. Thank you for this blog. To all who say Hillary cannot win, you are incorrect. The more she wins these primaries, the better chance she has of getting more super-delegates. And neither candidate has enough delegates, super or otherwise, to win the nomination. She is succeeding despite the overbearing media distaste for a woman candidate. They, and others, are intimidated by her strength, tenacity, humor and brains. The mantra of this campaign is: it ain’t over till its over. And, in this FREE country, she has a right to continue on.

    And thank YOU for this comment. Look at her overwhelming victory in West Virginia! To me it’s outrageous that anyone should tell her to quit. Her strength in the face of it just shows what a good President she’ll be.–MS

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