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Another Kennedy Tragedy

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Is there nothing a politician can’t fix with a positive spin? Vicki Kennedy is proud of “the way Ted’s handling it.” A friend is confident Teddy’s such a fighter he’ll “make a full recovery.” Senator Barbara Milkuski said, “I know he will fight and beat this diagnosis.”

Beat this diagnosis? Hello? The guy’s got a malignant brain tumor!

Where is it written that human beings have to be upbeat in the face of tragedy? If ever there was a tragedy, this is it. This is the last Kennedy son of his generation, from a family where tragedy follows tragedy; the liberal lion of the Senate for 46 years; the guy who’s probably saved our ass from totalitarianism without our even knowing it time and again–and he just got a death sentence.

Say what you will, politicians and party people; I for one am crying.

Ted Kennedy with sister-in-law Jackie


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  1. I agree with you. Senator Kennedy did more for health care, and fought for all middle and low income Americans. I am deeply saddened and did cry. He is not going to beat this. No one who has a malignant glioma beats it. If he is lucky, and I pray he is, he can have maybe 1 good year but chances are he will be impacted not only by the disease but by radiation and chemotherapy. He, and only he, can decide the quality of life he wants. Jackie O Kennedy tried Chemo in her lymphoma, which had a better prognosis then Ted’s glioma. When it failed, she chose not to go on to investigational treatment and died at home with family around her.

    Senator Kennedy is a fighter; unfortunately it takes more than a will to conquer this. And the real irony here is that he headed a committe hearing on increasing funding for finding a cure for cancer at which Lance Armstrong testified last week. What irony….what tragedy.

    Thank you, Nancy. I was pretty certain I wasn’t the only one crying.–MS

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