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Interleague Weekend

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This weekend Major League Baseball finished up Interleague play for the season. Where I live, geographically, we had the Bay Bridge Series. Where I live, emotionally, there was the Subway Series. Results from coast to coast were mixed.

The Yankees and Mets got an early start on Friday with a makeup game at Shea. Then they hopped onto their respective buses and headed over to the Bronx for the first game of the regularly scheduled series. They alternated Saturday and Sunday as well—since both teams are moving into new digs next year, this was the last time they’ll ever play one another in the old stadiums (stadia?).

Here’s how the scoring went:
Game 1: Mets 4, Yankees 1
Game 2: Yankees 9, Mets 0
Game 3: Yankees 3, Mets 2
Game 4: Mets 3, Yankees 1

Consistent they are NOT. Andy Pettitte pitched six innings in Game 2 (good story comparing pitching in 1968 to now), picking up his ninth win. This was against the mighty Johan Santana, AND after waiting through an hour’s rain delay. They don’t call him veteran for nothing. In Sunday’s game—the only one televised for my viewing pleasure—Mets pitcher Oliver Perez annihilated my guys—or, as another blogger put it, “Perez, not Steinbrenner, owns the Yankees.”

That quote comes from a witty, conversational, lovingly detailed blog I heard about on NPR Saturday.
Rarely am I as impressed by a baseball blog as I am by this one—he writes about the aspects of baseball that interest me most, and he even sort of writes the way I do. For instance, yesterday, when Mets closer Billy Wagner came out in the ninth, fans held up signs welcoming “The Sandman.” That just happens to be Yankee closer Mariano Rivera’s moniker, and I, naturally, went ballistic. Here’s what the man they call The Blogfather had to say about it:

That Billy Wagner comes out to Enter Sandman is a travesty. If this were wrestling, Mo would sneak up behind him and crack a folding chair over his head. Then when David Wright tried to retaliate, Kyle Farnsworth would put him in the Cobra Clutch.

(The Real Sandman)

Love it!

Three thousand miles across the continent, over on my side of the country that is, the SF Giants and Oakland Athletics confronted each other once again. Thank the Baseball Gods and Goddesses, they let Barry Zito off the hook; he didn’t have to face his old team for another humiliating outing. In the first game Oakland beat SF 1-4, but on Saturday the Giants shut out the A’s 1-0, and they got carried away on Sunday, winning 11-1.


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