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On Joe Biden

Well, they got to me, those Dems. TV’s talking heads keep saying the crux of the Biden decision was to snare Hillary’s supporters, and I became one of those people towards the end of the primary…Truth be told, I’m ecstatic. I’ve loved Joe Biden as a person for many years. He’s a real hamisch mensch, if ya know what I mean, with a life story to tug on the heartstrings. And smart. Extremely smart.

Everyone says Biden talks too much, and ends up sticking his foot in his mouth as a result. Some of them say he’s kind of a blowhard. But I like hearing him speak…he’s intelligent and articulate, funny and interesting. So keep talkin’, Joe.

I can’t stand it when bloggers apologize for their absence or for being brief (as if anyone gave a damn), but now I’m going to do both. I’ve been missing in action and will be for another six weeks, doing a paid writing gig, halleluliah. It’s a big job, taking all my time and energy. I regret that I’ll probably not get to blog about the Democratic convention, or the baseball playoffs…unless I’m just so full of words and feeling I can’t stop myself.

Anyhow…it’s a great day for the Democrats!


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