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Some Special Needs Advocate!

Yo! Sarah Palin is going around assuring parents of children with special needs that if she’s elected, “you’ll have an advocate in the White House.” But as with so many lies that she and John McCain are telling, this doesn’t jibe with her record.

As governor of Alaska Palin slashed the Special Olympics budget in half. The Special Olympics! Don’t be fooled by her lies.

Having a baby with Down syndrome doesn’t mean she’ll do the right thing for the rest of us. She’s a woman and doesn’t believe in choice – OR sex ed, OR birth control. Do the math: these policies would leave women eternally barefoot and pregnant. (Or, of course, celibate.)

Joe Biden and Barack Obama are more likely to advocate for the disabled: they listen to their constituents, have the intelligence to understand the issues, are committed to Democratic principles, and they have good hearts. Tell everyone you know who has kids with special needs not to be fooled by Sarah Palin’s lies.


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