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We Can Eat Cake…

while the Nitwit and his guests eat quail and other exotic delicacies. I prefer cake to quail, actually–the point is, it wasn’t exactly sensitive of the White House to publicize the menu for dinner with the heads of state from G20 countries. While most of us are stretching the food stamps and finding ingenious ways to prepare lentils, not only do these bastards have the audacity to throw a party, but they flaunt it! You’d think they don’t care…oh, that’s right: they don’t.

White House

The Nitwit undoubtedly feels depressed about having to vacate his comfy digs soon, and he just wanted to throw one last blowout before going. He knows he can shove it in our faces: nobody’s going to confront him now; we’re all hanging by a thread, waiting for January 20th.

They know the gig’s over. They’ve raided every last corner of America, gotten every last dime they’re going to get. They’ll go peacefully, even graciously, if recent events are any indication. Why not? Like I said, they got what they came for.

French revolution

If change wasn’t imminent, I swear I’d be ready to storm the barricades. If ever this country were ripe for revolution, now’s the time. If anything gets in the way of the inauguration, if they do anything to stop this change, we should be ready. It wouldn’t hurt to brush up on French history.





Fruitwood-smoked Quail with Quince Gastrique

Quinoa Risotto

Landmark Chardonnay “Damaris Reserve” 2006

Thyme-roasted Rack of Lamb

Tomato, Fennel and Eggplant Fondue

Chanterelle Jus

Shafer Cabernet “Hillside Select” 2003

Lolla Rosa, Red Oak and Endive

Cider Vinaigrette

Baked Vermont Brie with Walnut Crostini

Pear Torte

Huckleberry Sauce

Chandon Étoile Rosé


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