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Israel vs Gaza

Ugh. It’s been going on my entire life, and it still disgusts me, makes me angry, makes me, as a Jew, ashamed. The news stories get me crazy, yet I won’t turn them off–somehow I feel it’s my duty to know it’s happening as long as it is happening. Oddly enough, I don’t feel the same compulsion about Iraq or other wars. Maybe it’s the Jewish thing.

As of today the dead count goes something like this: Palestinians-800; Israelis-13. How is this possible? When the Israelis see those numbers, why don’t they come to the conclusion it’s enough already? Surely very few of those 800 dead are members of Hamas. How many are children? I could scream.

As angry as I am with Israel, I have to wonder why Hamas incited them in the first place. Don’t they know by now that Israel always retaliates with a hundred times more force to any provocation? What did Hamas hope to accomplish? What on earth did they expect?

Hamas has said that the way Israel is decimating Gaza and murdering civilians now makes it impossible for them to negotiate. What can possibly end the madness this time around?


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  1. I think a third are children, I read today.

    I’m just correcting student work on ‘Panther in the Basement’ by Amos Oz.
    It makes me think a lot about the horror and tragedy, of all those…damaged, grieving people, setting up a safe homeland, and what they had emotionally invested in it. In never being victimised again. Yet in the book, one character warns that the Palestinians will become the victims the Jews were. And it’s borne out, sadly.

    I’m from Ireland, and so have little understanding of the whole conflict. But having suffered what they have historically, how can the empathy not be there, the thing that makes them realise the pointless wrongness in destroying and taking homes, killing children, spreading grief…

    The price of getting what they want without compromise is too much. It’s 2009. Why would they want to live on bloodsoaked soil?

  2. Sometimes I think it’s precisely because of their past suffering that the Israelis are as cruel as they are. Putting a whole group of people in one place who’d been victims of the Holocaust…how could they not be angry and fiercely self-protective, when you stop and think about it? Which in no way excuses them–it’s a reason, not an excuse.

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