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Maybe it was naive of me, but I was looking forward to this day, to watching the rituals of inaugurating our new president, this new president. Now that it’s here, the over-the-top media hoopla is annoying the hell outta me. With all their “How does it feeeeel?” and “What are your thoughts?” and “Did you ever think you’d see this day?” over and over and over, any genuine emotion is being diluted, if not completely drained. Or at least mine is: I can’t figure out how I feel underneath all the noise and stupidity.

Yes, stupidity. One CNN reporter was apparently befuddled: “WHY is this particular inauguration attracting so much attention?” he asked. “Is it just because of the black thing?” Just?! Besides, moron, in case you hadn’t noticed, we’re finally getting a decent president, one who’s smart, compassionate, and well-intentioned. A Democrat. Possibly a progressive. Not to mention, this comes after eight years of a brutal, corrupt, incompetent and brainless administration: The Nitwit and His Merry Gangsters.

I guess I could turn it all off–but then what will I say when someone asks me where I was? At least I don’t have to answer to the grandkids–they have their own where-were-you story and don’t need mine: their school is showing the inauguration at a special assembly. I just hope they, at their tender age of innocence, don’t become jaded by the media’s hyper hoopla. I hope they can see through to the real beauty of this day.

As Leonard Cohen put it, “Democracy is coming to the USA.”


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  1. Marcy,

    I love your blog. I came across it through Blog Catalog while doing some research for one of my own posts. I found myself reading and enjoying several of your posts.

    Anyway, I try to leave comments when I can and will certainly visit back.

    a.k.a. The Constant Complainer
    Cleveland, OH

  2. I love your blog name–and with a name like Constant Complainer, of course you like my blog! Thanks for stopping by.–MS

  3. Obamania: the press sometimes has to look for something outside the realm of normalcy to reaffirm their jobs. Saying stupid things is what alot of them get paid for… sparks discussion and people talking about them.

    It is almost 48 hours into Obama’s presidency and most of the media are discussing problems, issues with Obama programs, his oath of office repeat, and nonsense. The truth is they have nothing else to say because its all good……….hope is here.

    Very insightful comment, and so true. Thanks.–MS

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