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Smoking Again II: Poetry


Above: Nicodemon

Everything was flat—
no highs, no lows
so nothing was to fear.

Nothing made a difference
and nothing was too hard.
but nothing easy either.

Nothing in the futurebpipe
or the present. Nothing to
look forward to and

nothing to regret.
Nothing made me happy
but nothing made me sad.

I bought a pack of cigarettes
and everything was changed.
The highs were high

and the lows were low.
The future held some promise
but it held a lot of dread.

Life was life again.
Some day I’ll be dead.


Note: See Smoking Again I here.


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  1. Damn, you’ve just made my next cigarrette a more guilty pleasure! Love the high’s and low’s part, though. 😉

    I hope I did not encourage bad behavior!
    Seriously, I remembered what I love the best–the first few days of going back to smoking, when my body’s cleared out some so it doesn’t feel so awful, and I’m so happy and relieved to be my normal self again. That phase has already passed and I feel crappy again. What a cycle.–MS

  2. Just dropping by. Btw, your website has great content!

    Thank you! Come again.–MS

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