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Yankee Songs 2009

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Note November 4, 2009: A lot of readers seem to get to this post by searching for “Yankee songs at bat” looking for which songs get played when each player goes to the plate. When rapper Jay-Z performed before Game 2 of the World Series, I learned that Jeter prefers Empire State of Mind; A-Rod listens to either Already Home or Reminder, and Robin Cano’s at-bats get Run This Town--all by Jay-Z. If anyone knows of any more players’ songs, please post them.

Anyhow, I’ve honored Yankee players over the years with musical compositions by changing lyrics to well-known songs. Well, it’s baseball season and I’m at it again.

This one’s for Nick Swisher – who, by the way, has gotta be the happiest guy to ever come to the Bronx. Swish is delerious about being a Yankee, and is proving it with a batting average of .333 (this was written way before these World Series games, where Swish’s average has taken a severe nosedive). He even pitched, and admirably, when they needed someone on the mound–and he hadn’t done it since college! And so, in honor of ex-Oakland A Nick Swisher, here’s


Do The Swish (to the tune of The Twist)

Come on Nicky
and do the Swish
come on Nicky
and do the Swish
put your hands around the bat
and go like this!
(requires singer to make batting movement)


For Mark Texeira, I borrowed the tune from Chicago:

Texeira Texeira
he’ll bat it around
bat it around
Texeira Texeira
he’ll hit the ball home
hit the ball home.
Bet your bottom dollar
we’re gonna win
with Texeira Texeira
the big guy going deep
up in the Bronx.


Finally, though Andy Pettitte‘s nowhere near being a newbie, I’d never written him a song until now (I seem to have trouble with pitchers). This is sung to the song in Guys and Dolls about Nathan Detroit (its title eludes me):

Good Ol’ Reliable Andy





Yes, it’s good ol’ reliable Andy
Andy Andy Andy Pettitte.
If the gap in the score Yankees
want to increase
he’ll make sure the other team
cannot get a piece
of the balls being pitched fast by
Andy Andy Andy Andy Pettitte—
On the mound at the newest
biggest expensive
stadium in New York!


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  1. Great songs! So here’s a challenge: write a tune for the wretched ’09 Yankee bullpen. Perhaps to the tune of, oh, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” or some such.

    I watched most of the weekend’s Boston-New York series, and I had a hard time believing some of those relievers were even allowed to wear a Yankee uniform. Once a New York relief pitcher got on the mound, it was shooting fish in a barrel for the Red Sox. Ugly!

  2. I’ve challenged Steve to write his own song, and promised to post it if he does. Do I hear a second? A groundswell?

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