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Farewell Ms. Chambers

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Porn star Marilyn Chambers died two weeks ago, at the obscenely young age of 56. Cause of death still hasn’t been established, and I can’t help wondering if she took her own life.

Behind Green DoorMarilyn Chambers reigned supreme during what is widely considered to have been the heyday of porno movies–after the 1973 Supreme Court Miller decision that obscenity would be judged by “community standards,” a definition open to wide interpretation, and that paved the way for greater freedom. Chambers is most famous for Behind the Green Door, the first porn movie that was more than titillation, that delved into the psychology of sex.

MChambersIvorySnowChambers is also famous for having done time on a box of Ivory Snow, as a shiny clean mommy holding her shiny clean baby. She figured her movies would help sell more soap, but Proctor and Gamble didn’t exactly see it that way.

Marilyn was the hottest girl in porn, the star of my very favorite sex scene, from her film Insatiable. In it, she plays the naughty little rich girl who gets it from the gardener on her Daddy’s pool table. During hot, teasing sex, Marilyn objects that Daddy will find them, and moans–God, could that girl moan! She was the best moaner and the best dirty talker in the biz.

She went into the adult business hoping, like so many actors, to make it from there into mainstream movies. “I thought there would be a chance to cross over,” she said in one interview. “Boy, was I wrong.”

I’m sorry you didn’t get to cross over, Marilyn. You deserved to. But girl, you were fantastic at what you did. R.I.P.


Click to read Susie Bright’s loving intelligent tribute.


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