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She’s Come a Long Way Indeed

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Carol Ann Duffy, UK PL

Hard to believe, but the United Kingdom just named the first female Poet Laureate, after almost 400 years of male poets holding the post. I guess we’ve finally arrived–you can’t get much higher than Poet Laureate, right? Hey, it pays around five thousand pounds a year, in exchange for which she has to write odes to the royals. Seriously.

Her name is Carol Ann Duffy. I’ve never heard of her, but then, I’m not up on English poets. Apparently she’s best known for a collection called The World’s Wife, which speaks of the great men in history through the women in theThe Worlds Wife background. She’s paid homage to Queen Kong and Mrs. Midas, among others.

I do intend to purchase this book.

My favorite part of the story is that Ms. Duffy was passed over for this great honor back in the Dark Ages, 1999. Then-PM Gordon Blair decided that “her sexuality might not play well in Middle England.” To pervert the title of a regular column in MS MagazineNo Freaking Comment!


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  1. Good news; I always aspired to be a poet laureate but unfortunately could not write poetry!

    Better news would be another woman on the US Supreme Court.

    So…I’m just curious: are you a judge?

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