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A Failure of Imagination (Poem)

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John Lennon

I thought this poem that I wrote c. 1982 was outdated, but unfortunately, today’s news about a plan to bomb synagogues in the Bronx, where I was born, made me think of it again.

A Failure of Imagination

Like John Lennon
I imagined no religion.
I dreamed of a world
free of polarityJohn Lennon: NYC
where spirituality
replaced secularism
and I was annoyed when radicals
embraced the national hobby
of digging up divisive roots.

But today
neo-nazis appear on tv
and accuse the Jews
of controlling the country,
Israeli battles
fuel synagogue bombings,Bombing synagogue terrorist
motorcycles bearing swatsikas
tear through my town

and I have been dreaming
of being routed from my bed
by marauding antisemites
as happened in Russia
in Poland
in France.

For me as for my ancestors
imagination is a luxury.
John Lennon is dead
and I am a Jew.


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  1. Marcy, I think that rings as true today as it would have in 1982. I imagine no religion too, but I have a strong cultural and ethnic identification with my people – the Jews – and when we are attacked we stand together.

  2. I had thought we had moved on to a better place in time. But hatred, bigotry, and racism never seem to die…..sad

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