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Another Infant Dies of Forgetfulness

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While I was away from my computer last week, another California father forgot his infant was in the back seat of the car and boarded the train for work, leaving the baby to die of suffocation. I tore the story out of the newspaper planning to blog about it.

When I looked at my stats this morning, I noticed a huge spike in visitors on Tuesday, and clicked it open. The most-referenced term that day was “Danny Takemoto,” the name of another man who left his baby in the car to die; I had blogged about the incident.

This time the father, like Danny Takemoto, was driving the child to day care. And again, it was only when the center phoned the mother that the tragedy came to light. It occurred to me that fathers just aren’t used to driving their children to day care in the morning–a far simpler explanation than the theory I developed last time.

But I still believe that fathers just don’t have the same built-in radar as mothers do to keep them aware at all times of the whereabouts of their children. Again I feel sorry for this man–but a little bit less so. When will they learn?


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  1. That is so sad. I don’t know if they can learn. Men’s brains just don’t work that way. They’re best at focusing on one thing (and doing that extremely well) while most women’s brains seem more capable of balancing a number of different things at once. An excellent BBC series called ‘Why Men Don’t Iron’ explored these gender differences a few years back.

  2. i cannot imagine my husband doing that. how disconnected those fathers must be.

    It’s heartening to hear that.–MS

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