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Five Mornings With and Without the Moon in Santa Cruz

Morning moon winks through the trees.
Hummingbirds disturbed
by smoky air abandon me.

Silver ceiling sky covers
full moon hiding as
clouds mushroom far too quickly.

Relentless gray clouds hide her
from view—a loss much
too soon. She rides with my dead.

Morning moon shrouded in fog.
She hovers so high
you would think it was midnight.


Gone now—but earlier she
glowed brightly for me.
Early risers catch the moon.

Moon blue

Manresa Beach: $8 Day Use Fee

Love of ocean exploited.
Clichés are free but
best things in life never are.


Peggy Lee Had Haiku Fever

Sun lights up the daytime. Moon
lights up the night. I
light up when you call my name.


A Few Words on Haiku

I don’t know very much about haiku, only that they’re  composed of three lines of *7-5-7 syllables each. Until last week, I’d only written one or two of them. There seems to be something about a full moon in the morning sky that inspires a brief expression of atmosphere.

*I’ve since discovered that haiku is exactly the opposite: the lines are 5-7-5 syllables each. So what are these things I’ve written??


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  1. Those poems are awesome. I especially like ‘Manresa Beach: $8 Day User Fee’ and ‘Peggy Lee Had Haiku Fever.’ Haiku is so ideal for capturing the essence of feelings and ideas in as few words as possible.

    Wind, whose blog I visit frequently at The Quilting Sword, has a very nice and simple explanation of haiku poetry at
    I was hoping to use his guidelines for writing some summer haikus in the near future.

    Thanks for your comments, and for the tip–I’ll check it out.–MS

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