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Thanks to the Senators from CA

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Thank you, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, plus seven colleagues who joined you, for keeping up the fight to save those two young journalists, Euna Lee and Laura Ling, Euna Ling, Laura Leefrom 12 years in some godforsaken North Korean labor camp. Just when I feared everyone would drop the case–except of course for her family–my own reps in Congress took the lead and asked the Prez to send a special envoy to negotiate for their freedom.

Someone suggested Al Gore be the guy to go. I remember all the times Jesse Jackson secured Americans’ freedom when everyone else had failed.  Richardson’s name was mentioned. Whoever it is, I just wish they’d hurry up and rescue these women. The freakin’ NK government is crazy and draconian. 12 years of hard labor! It sounds like something out of a Russian novel.

Every once in awhile I’m grateful that I live in a state that’s represented by two strong, compassionate women. I never have to sign the petitions that I sign anyway, because my senators usually know the right thing to do. And yes, I know, Feinstein’s done lots of bad shit. But she’s done some good too, and she’s doing it now. Thank the goddess for the movement that helped put women into positions of power. (Hm…that was me, wasn’t it?)DiFiimages-2


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