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…Relentless Republicans
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It’s a fine day for a rant, and god knows this world gives us plenty to rant about—so much, I can’t keep up. When I’m involved in work, I don’t get much time to rant, much less blog them, and a slew of events, including the murder of Dr. Tiller and of the guard at the Holocaust Museum, have passed me by. So while I have a break, I’ll have to cram a few in.

RepublicansRelentless Republicans: By now it’s obvious they’re going to do to Obama what they did to Bill Clinton: hound him to death. No matter what the topic, no matter how they actually stand on any given issue, they’ll continue to oppose everything the President tries to do, and criticize him for everything he does or doesn’t do.

Like every other progressive thinking person, I’m pissed off by a few things Obama’s doing, particularly when he reneges on campaign promises. But I’m not disappointed—unlike many progressives, I’m too pessimistic to have expected miracles. However, what the Republicans are doing has nothing to do with issues or principles, and everything to do with partisan politics. They use every opportunity to undermine him, and they inflate the smallest issues to make it appear they have a distinct difference of opinion, one based on high-minded principles. Hah! What they’re doing would drive a person made of lesser stuff than Barack Obama—or for that matter Bill Clinton—mad.

(And then, when Clinton finally found a stress reliever, what’d they do? They got him for that! Let’s hope Obama doesn’t go in the same direction.)


Brainless Baseball Management: Alex Rodriguez is the Yankee player even Yankee fans like me love to hate. Today, however, I find myself sticking up for the guy. He’s being booed and maligned for taking off a few days, when the back story is that Joe Girardi, acting against A-Rod’s doctors’ orders, sent him back to the diamond too soon after hip surgery.

Whenever there’s some question or doubt, managers have this clueless habit of asking players if they “want” to play. Players apparently can’t refuse: as they say at the start of every season, I live for this! Their managers are supposed to protect them, when possible, from physical damage. Girardi did not; he asked Alex if he felt ready to play before his rehab time was up, Alex said yes, and now a few months later the guy’s on the verge of collapse. Brian Cashman finally stepped in and told Girardi to give him a rest—and then came fan outrage. Well, I’m outraged at those fans, and at Girardi. I don’t care how much money these guys get, most of them are physical wrecks by the end of their careers, if not sooner.

(And in case you didn’t notice, I’m not too fond of Girardi. There’s this guy out in LA, managing what’s become the most successful team in MLB…)


Gallivanting Gosselins: Well, they finally did it. Last night Jon and Kate announced they’re separating. For days TLC titillated us with pre-announcements of a big announcement; everyone knew it was either divorce or an end to the show, and while we hoped for the sake of the kids it was the latter, most people figured it was the former. While nobody’s shocked, I for one am pissed off at these parents. They made me fall in love with their kids, and now they’re going to mess them up real good—that is, if they haven’t already done so, what with public toilet training etcetera (see my earlier blog on Jon& Kate.).

Like most young people in this situation, Jon and Kate plan to remain friends and do the show and everything will be fine—not perfect, of course, but all right. Kate seems to recognize it’s not going to be that easy, and she’s not happy about it. Jon, who’s so much more immature, is chomping at the bit, looking forward to his big bad freedom.

I watched last night’s program with my son, himself a product of divorce. He said he wouldn’t compare Jon and Kate to his parents’ divorce, since the Gosselins say they’ll remain friends. Maybe friendly divorces are possible, but I don’t know anyone who’s had one. I don’t know anyone whose kids haven’t suffered from parental divorce. And these guys think they can play theirs out in front of the cameras? As I said to my son, “Just wait.”


And I cannot seem to think of further commentary or wise predictions about the Gosselins, or about any of the things of this world that fill me with anger and chagrin. In fact, pausing to think about it, I admit that the topics I’ve chosen to rant about are quite trivial–I haven’t even mentioned Iran or Iraq–in view of the big picture: the melting of the icecaps, the increasing numbers of refugees on the move, ultimate planetary breakdown. Life as we’ve known it, my friends, is fast disappearing.

Just wait.


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