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All-Stars 2009

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The winners are in, and here’s the list of ball players who’ll be playing in the All-Star Game this year. Note that Mark Texeira beat out Kevin You-Kill-Us. My profound gratitude goes out to anyone who voted for Texeira at my suggestion.

Mark Texeira

1st Base-Mark Teixeira (Yankees)

2nd Base-Dustin Pedroia (Red Sox)

3rd Base- Evan Longoria (Rays)

Shortstop- Derek Jeter (Yankees)-10th All Star appearance!derek-jeter

Outfield-Jason Bay (Red Sox)

Outfield-Ichiro Suzuki (Mariners)

Outfield-Josh Hamilton (Rangers)

Pujols1st Base-Albert Pujols (Cardinals)

2nd Base-Chase Utley (Phillies)

3rd Base-David Wright (Mets)

Shortstop-Hanley Ramirez (Marlins)

Outfield-Ryan Braun (Brewers)

BeltranOutfield-Carlos Beltran(Mets)

Outfield-Raul Ibanez(Phillies)


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  1. I love the home run derby. What happened to the hammer Howard.. Bobby Gee Thanks for reading. I know you hate football.

  2. Jason Bay received more votes than any other American League player. I’m very happy for him; he’s having a great year and has been a great story for the Red Sox since he joined the team two years ago. But I wonder if there’s deeper meaning in the vote. He replaced Manny Ramirez on Boston’s roster, and in nearly every respect (except hitting) he’s the anti-Manny — friendly, accessible to fans and the media, calm, quiet, neat in appearance and un-showy in play, and, so far at least, without blemish as far as steroids are concerned. Perhaps some of the votes for Bay were votes for the kind of person he is.

    As far as the home-run derby is concerned… count me out. I think it’s the stupidest baseball thing ever, although I admit that a share of my loathing for the event is due to the fact that ESPN insists on using Chris Berman, who I cannot stomach, as the derby’s announcer.

    Steve, thanks, as always, for your astute insights.

    I understand your antipathy to some sports commentators, as you know. In fact, I’m currently incensed over Ray Fosse–I’ll write a post about it.–MS

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