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The other night, during a Red Sox/Oakland A’s game at Fenway Park, commentator Ray Fosse said something that made me positively livid. It’s not that unusual for sports commentators to get me crazy–they make idiotic statements all the time. Worse, they hog the mike and camera at the expense of the game. I mean, aren’t these guys supposed to call the game? Instead they yak, yak, yak, and most of it is pure drivel. The worst offenders are Joe Morgan and Jon Miller, who grandstand nonstop through nine or more innings.

Daryl @ A's game
But back to Fosse. The camera panned in on an A’s fan, a guy wearing the green and gold cap right there in the middle of Bosox Nation. Fosse and his sidekick laughed heartily, and Fosse said, “These Red Sox fans are so knowledgeable, they understand. It doesn’t bother them at all.” He paused, then added, “Of course, you couldn’t wear a Red Sox cap to Yankee Stadium.”

Hello? WTF are you talking about, Fosse? Red Sox fans have been known to bash in Yankee heads, beneath a cap or not. And what’s this “knowledgeable” crap? Everyone knows that New York baseball fans are the most knowledgeable fans on the planet. And I have seen Red Sox fans behave like two-year-olds. Personally, I wouldn’t go to Fenway in Yankee gear: I’d be taking my life in my hands.

Most of these commentators got the job by dint of being ex-ball players with pleasant voices. They’re playing journalism, without even attempting an appearance of objectivity.

I sent Fosse an email stating these sentiments. I’ll let you know if he responds.

Joe Morgan and Jon Miller

Joe Morgan and Jon Miller

Jon Miller and Joe Morgan


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  1. Please tell Fosse who I like to please say the name Chavez the same way every time. Is it CHA vez or is it cha VEZ . This drives me crazy.

    Fosse never did respond to my email, so I don’t think he’d listen to me on your complaint either. Why not send an email to him yourself?

    I do understand your irritation; I’ve heard commentators pronounce Marco Scutaro SCOOTaro or ScutAAAro, and wish I knew which one was correct. — MS

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