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Thank god for Frank Rich, the only guy with balls enough to confront the reality of the hypocritical, condescending Republican senators on the Judiciary Commttee for their despicable treatment of Judge Sotomayor. I can’t tell one of those conservative white guys from another, so I don’t know who precisely said what, but the worst offenders seemed to be the Messrs. Jeff Sessions, Lindsay Graham, and Orrin Hatch. Frank Rich is particularly scathing with regard to Senator Tom Coburn.


Separated at Birth?

One of these guys had the nerve to repeatedly ask this distinguished lawyer, who knows more than all of them put together, Do you know…what such-and-such means? or …the difference between this and that? They’d never talk to a male judge that way! One of them had the gall to tell her she’d be confirmed unless she “has a meltdown.” Really, now, can you imagine them saying such a thing to Justice Roberts or Scalia?

Almost as despicable were the Democrats, not in their treatment of Ms. Sotomayor, certainly, but in their cowering and kowtowing and utter inability to seize a golden opportunity and criticize the Roberts Court, which, as a rep from the Lawyers Guild pointed out on KPFA this morning, has drifted steadily to the right, with several justices serving, without any qualms, as “activists” in their decision-making. As noted in my earlier post on the hearings, this was mentioned only once, in passing.

Sonia SotomayorAs for Judge Sotomayor, she too did a fair amount of kowtowing, but this was expected and unavoidable if she wanted to be confirmed. As Rich points out, ever since Bork committed political suicide by freely sharing his judicial philosophy, every nominee to the Supreme Court has kept his or her opinions under wraps. To tell the truth, Sotomayor came off as so conservative, I wouldn’t vote for her.

I am sick to death of this kowtowing on the part of the Democrats, this attitude that they must hide every shred of liberalism from the right-wingers. Why? They’re the ones in power, while the GOP is impotent (politically, that is). President ObamaBarack Obama is doing the same thing. Instead of recognizing and asserting his legitimate power, he’s compromising and even kowtowing to Republicans. Why?

Why do Democrats kiss Republican ass? Could it be they lack the courage of their convictions? Cuz that’s sure what it looks like.

Wake up, Democrats! Now that you’ve got the power, use it. An opportunity like this may never come along again. Carpe diem!


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  1. the day is in need of some seizing…Democrats do nothing to advance their own political cause by cowering in the wake of all out Republican attack….OF COURSE the conservatives are going to attack…its one of their only methods of discussion, right next to fear-mongering, and filibustering. The libs do themselves a great injustice by taking the supposedly higher road, and refusing to address the red side attacks. For truth to rise it must pass through a nearly endless philosophical guantlet…for the libs to refuse to lay forth that guantlet for the bullshitters across the aisle only adds to the notion that libs are a crew of moddlecoddling pansies…

    On an ending note, Soto did a fantastic job flipping the reducto ad absurdiums right back on the red tie plates….nice post, looking forward to more.

    Thank you for your insightful commentary, and for stopping by.–MS

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