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Power fist

I received this call to action from a group called The Peace Team.

Last week Attorney General Eric Holder finally allowed that he might appoint some kind of special prosecutor for the rampant torture regime of the Cheney/Bush administration. But will he actually hold the torture kingpins accountable or just scapegoat some little fish the way Abu Ghraib was swept under the rug?

It has never been more urgent to get to the bottom of the rogue government that operated inside the White House, and to hold those criminals at the highest level fully accountable under the law.

FeingoldThere are brave members of Congress calling out for justice, like
Senator Russ Feingold, who wrote Holder this week on behalf of the
Senate Judiciary Committee. We must add all our voices to the chorus
and demand real accountability.

Special Prosecutor Action Page

Isn’t it curious that Congress can get all fired up about crucifying
baseball players for lying to them about personal use of steroids,
and yet committing war crimes somehow has not received as much
attention yet? Yes folks, as long as we indict Barry BondsBarry Bonds and Roger
Clemens our democracy is secure.

And do you remember just last month when Republicans were protesting that the CIA would NEVER lie to Congress, with CIA director Leon Panetta as their star witness? Except that they did lie, that’s not what Panetta said, they were lying to Panetta at that VERY MOMENT, and we just found out about it. So please submit the action page above to send your message directly
to Holder himself, Obama, and Congress.

The very popular “CONVICT DICK & W” caps are available on the site, and we are making available both the Impeachment Play DVDs from the production in San Francisco last summer, and also the special Dennis Kucinich pocket constitutions, commemorating his presidential candidacy in 2008. Or you can request any of those items directly from the Progressive Activist Gift Page.

You can also respond to this action through the new Twitter gateway. Just send the following Twitter reply, and add any personal comment you like: @cxs #p984

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.



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  1. This is your personal blog, and freedom. But Adult Books, etc.? Does not go down well with your other so-called ideas about right and wrong, i.e. your liberal thought. Do ya see the problem ethically?

    Fr. Robert (Anglican priest)

    Actually, no, I don’t see the problem, ethically or otherwise.The fact that I enjoy sex and pleasure, and think everyone should, does not mean I endorse torture.If that’s what you mean, it’s pretty simplistic thinking.–MS

  2. As a priest, I see many people that are “tortured” by their sexual passions…S&M, etc. The sexual aspect is normal, but can be put into the abnormal very quickly. Love must be the key, and not just pleasure. I speak humanly rather than the religious.

    But best of luck..
    Fr. Robert

  3. Michael Thomas Ford

    With all due respect, Father Robert, your comment represents precisely the kind of illogical thinking that causes so many people to be conflicted about sexuality. You’ve made the assumption that sexual expression falling outside a very narrowly-defined range must by definition be engaged in without love. This displays an ignorance about human sexuality and sexual expression. You would do well to consider that the people you see who are tortured by their passions are not tortured by an absence of love but by a concept of what is “right” and “wrong” or, to use your words, “normal” and “abnormal” in regards to the expression of sexuality. To assume that human beings cannot engage in a range of sexual expression (yes, including S&M) without there being love involved represents only your own experience and understanding of sexuality, not the experience of all of us.

  4. Sir,
    And just what is “illogical” about my statements of pastoral experience? I let these people come to me on “their” terms, and not mine. Their is no puritanical elements from me here. I am not perfect myself, but I do follow the Judeo-Christian model. And seek to help others here. What to you follow?

    Toward MS I must confess I am not of liberal mind set. Thus what I perceived as inconsistent ethics.

    Fr. Robert

  5. Michael Thomas Ford

    It is illogical to assume that because a particular group of people (those who come to you for pastoral guidance) are unhappy regarding their sexual interests, that those sexual interests themselves are inherently damaging. It is more logical to assume that the only people you see are those who feel guilt and shame regarding their sexual interests and believe they require pastoral intervention.

    You ask about my background. I was raised in the conservative evangelical Christian church, specifically the American Baptist tradition. Furthermore, I attended an evangelical Christian university. There I joined an Episcopal church pastored by the Very Reverend Paul F M Zahl, who most recently was dean of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry and is one of the most conservative voices of the Episcopal Church in America. I was confirmed in the Church by Bishop Paul Moore.

    I have written two books on religion, one a collection of interviews with leaders from various world traditions and one on the topic of paganism as it can be applied to the lives of gay men. Additionally, for five years I wrote a sex and relationship advice column for a men’s magazine and authored a book on gay male sexuality.

    I too have seen firsthand how guilt and shame regarding sexuality can destroy people. I agree that some of this stems from sexual addiction. However, I have seen even more damage done by failing to have honest discussions about human sexuality. When people are told that the only “normal” ways of expressing sexuality come from a narrowly-defined list, and that anything outside of that list is “abnormal,” it is not at all surprising that guilt and shame are the result. When people feel they need to hide who they are, shame will inevitably flourish.

    There is a creed ascribed to by many pagan people that says, “And it harm none, do as you will.” Extending this to sexuality, I believe from personal experience and through substantial discussions with others that there are many different ways of expressing sexuality that include love as a component. Personal responsibility is the real issue, as you must have respect and compassion for your partner(s) and for yourself. This, I think, is a very good definition of what it is to love.

    I am currently in a relationship with one partner, and have been for nearly ten years. However, I have experienced love in many different sexual situations, sometimes involving one partner and sometimes more than one. In all instances the joy came not just from the physical pleasure, but from the emotional connection between human beings.

    I realize that many people are not ready to accept, and are not capable of participating in, sexual interests outside those they have been taught are “normal” based on religious principles. But I also believe that if we were honest about our sexuality that many of the people who are unhappy would find themselves living much more joyful lives, as they would be closer to becoming whole. The problem is not that exploration of sexuality results in unhappiness, but that the failure to recognize the range of human sexuality does.

  6. Again, you are speaking ad hoc, rather than from an Judeo-Christian perspective and belief. I could add scripture, but you no doubt have moved beyond this “revelation”. Very sad!

    Sincerely In Christ,
    Fr. Robert

  7. Just jumping in here to say, Fr. Robert, if you are “not of the liberal mindset” why are you reading my blog? I don’t come around to your site arguing that God is dead or other things that I know would offend you.

  8. MS,

    I like to read other things besides my own aspects. It is good to know what is going about. I really meant no offense to you, just seeking to challenge your mind perhaps…?

    Fr. Robert

    Thanks ever so, but I don’t need you to challenge my mind, I get plenty of stimulation from more interesting resources.–MS

  9. Michael Thomas Ford


    I see you’ve now resorted to inferring that any spiritual/philosophical beliefs outside of the Judeo-Christian tradition is suspect. To use your own words, how very sad!

    Given my background, this is a response with which I am more than familiar. Retreating behind the safety of scripture while ignoring actual human experience is a hallmark of weak thinking. From your responses and your complete failure to actually address any of the points I’ve raised, I can only conclude that you are not really interested in discussing “other things besides [your] own aspects” but are instead merely interested in being right.

    Best of luck to you.

  10. Michael (if I may),

    First, one can only live within “their” convictions and place of belief and certitude – freedom from doubt; assurance; confidence. I simply place mine in the Judeo-Christian “epistemology”. I also hold the D. Phil. and Th.D., yes they are grounded again in the Judeo-Christian “revelation”.

    I have my own life experience at 59 (60 this Oct.). And I am a combat Royal Marine (one time recon officer). I have seen men die before their natural time. Not to mention the death & dying I have seen as a priest and pastor. So I don’t speak lightly, or without great thought. So your charge of “weak thinking” will not stick on me thank you!

    Our disagreement is certainly over what is authority and a world view. And this would again most certainly include what is truth!

    Finally, I bring no personal judgment to you, or the blogger here. Just challenge, and I hope in that the strength of looking back at the Judeo-Christian Faith in a very fallen and broken world!

    Sincerely In Christ,
    Fr. Robert

  11. All right, gentlemen, I’m sorry, but I’m going to ring the closing bell here. Enough already. If you two still need to hash this out, you’ll have to find a new space to do it in. Sorry, but this is my blog, not a forum for epistomological debates.

  12. Yes, fine. Best to you MS, if Michael wants to write me he can find my e-mail here?

    Fr. Robert

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