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Maria Shriver’s Conference

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mariashriverDo you know that Maria Shriver, the First Lady of California, holds a women’s conference every year? For two days in October a gang of high-profile, accomplished women come together in a pristine section of the California coast to meet, greet, and–their primary purpose–empower themselves and each other. If you want to go, too bad–except for the special events, it’s sold out. But you didn’t even hear of it in time, you say? Ah, well–that is because, it seems, only the rich and connected are welcome:

Table of 12 on the floor $3,600
Loge seat $200
Balcony seat $150
Balcony seat – partial view (oh darn, thats just where I wanted to sit!) $125
Includes general sessions, 2 breakout conversations, box lunch, entrance into The Village exhibit hall and the afternoon presentation of The Minerva Awards.

When I saw this price list, I looked every which way on the site for some kindly note about sliding scales, scholarships, or other accommodations for low-income women. When none appeared, I emailed headquarters and asked. This was about two weeks ago; to date, no one’s responded.

imagesMinerva, Goddess of Wisdom

As I said, tickets to the full conference are sold out–but if you want to attend The Miverva Awards only (the goddess Minerva seems to be their patron saint), it’s a bargain at $40–and even includes entry to The Village exhibit, where you can buy, I suppose, women-identified tchatchkalas. Or, better yet, you can go party down with the gals at Night at the Village for a mere $25.

Here’s a sampling of what they plan to talk about during “breakout conversations”:
How to Make Your Job Matter or Get a New One
How to Break the Cycle of Stress in Your Life
How to Start a Non-Profit Business or Keep Yours Afloat in Difficult Times
How to Write Your Own Book and Get it Published

How to Start Your Own Business–and, my personal favorite–

How to Sell Yourself

Whaddya say, Maria? Is this any way to treat the po’ women of California?


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  1. I knew about this though not the exact date of this year. I also have read Maria’s very inspiring though short books.

    I have to say I am amazed that there are no scholarships, no cheaper fees. But then, California is broke so maybe she is giving the money to California to help her husband (hahahaha),

    How disappointing this is. I would have thought more of her.

    Maybe you should twitter this to her and follow her :


    Go for it

    I’m so lame about twitter, I don’t even know how to do this.–MS

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