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Posada: Perfect


November 7th: Post-World Series Update: Now’s a good time to evaluate the Posada/Burnett situation–now that the Yankees are the world champions. Here’s what one fan said on the MLB site:

Posada getting up there in age…The only problem is taking Posada’s bat out of the lineup during the playoffs. Still, the Yankees did fine with the combination and using Posada as a pinch hitter. If you remember, it was a relief having his bat at the end of the order late in games when we needed key hits. It’s not that Posada and AJ do not get along, it’s that Molina is better equipped to handle his wild pitches.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

And now, back to our regular programming…

I’ve been getting voluminous hits on a post I wrote over a year ago, Jorge Posada: Bad News (since changed to “The Man Behind the Plate). I hope readers noticed the date on it; the post concerns Jorge’s need for shoulder surgery last year and his subsequent placement on the DL. Since then, Posada had the surgery, went through rehab, and returned to squat behind home plate almost as often as before—it’s just that now Girardi gives him an occasional extra day off. People seem to be interpreting this extra time off as an indication of something sinister, but it’s really quite simple: the guy’s body underwent a trauma, and requires more rest.

PosadaAfraid that readers didn’t realize my “Bad News” was outdated, and that I might be encouraging sinister theories, I changed the title, but the hits are still coming. I did my own Googling to see if something’s going on I’m not aware of, and turned up very little. My regular authority on Yankee news is Pete Abraham’s blog; according to him, even the teensy dustup between A.J. Burnett and Jorge was minor. Pointing out that “{A} rift between teammates … makes for good copy,” Abraham goes on to say:

By no means do I think Posada and Burnett work particularly well together… Posada put it well: “I just make suggestions,” he said. “It’s up to the pitcher to throw the pitch he wants.”… Here is what Burnett had to say: “I’ve had a great run now with Jorge. So there’s no fingers to point but at me.”

PosadaOne blogger, Marc Craig of the Star Ledger, thinks the Posada/Burnett flap is significant enough for the Yankees to address. But as one commenter on his site suggests, why not just let Molina catch on the days Burnett pitches? After all, Mike Mussina preferred another catcher—and nobody even noticed. Suddenly everyone thinks Posada’s going downhill.


Except for Mariano Rivera, for whom I reserve a special corner of my heart, Mariano Rivera2Jorge Posada is my favorite baseball player. I’ve sung his praises often enough so I don’t need to repeat them–I just want to put to rest, first of all, any misinterpretations of my “Bad News” blog, and reiterate that, as far as I know, nothing’s wrong with Posada or with his status on the team.


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  1. Hi Marcy,

    I just happened to come here tonight from Donna (George Storey) ‘s blog, and it’s fun to discover that you’re a fellow Yankees fan. Funnily enough, I also clicked over to your “Trading Baseball Players” post (which is how I discovered that — I’m a big baseball fan even above being a Yankees fan specifically). I’m a big Jorge fan too, and after Jeter (I know, that may be cliche), he is my favorite Yankee too…followed probably by Rivera.

    As I live in the Washington, DC area currently, I am headed tomorrow to Baltimore to see all three games of the upcoming three-game series of the Yankees-Orioles.

    Thanks for the baseball talk!


    I’m so jealous! Come back with baseball talk any time!–MS

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