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Amerika’s True Colors?

Well, well, well. So, here we are at last. All these years of politeness towards people with disabilities were, apparently, just PCBS*.

I refer, of course, to yesterday’s town hall meeting on health care reform in New Jersey, where a woman in a wheelchair was heckled while trying to tell her story and how reforming the system might help her and others.

With the populace all riled up, they’re giving their basest instincts free rein. Sneered one lovely white man exuding rage and contempt, “A woman in a wheelchair has more rights than me!” Goodness gracious, imagine if such a thing were true! How terribly unfair!

Remember the old days of pity for PWDs? That, or false admiration? I thought we’d educated them, and moved into some degree of enlightenment. But, like I said, it was just PCBS.


Unfortunately, this disgusting incident might be knocked out of the news cycle by the more dramatic incident of the guy who bit off another guy’s finger. That makes for more thrilling copy, but the heckling of a person in a wheelchair is much more significant.

At least now people with disabilities know where they stand in Amerika. Forget the veneer of polite.

The truth shall set you free.

*PCBS: Politically Correct Bullshit


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  1. Now to be fair: most people with disabilities can’t really “stand” in America, or elsewhere for that matter, at least not without any help. I guess stem cell research won’t be getting more support either, huh. Sad…

    You know, I didn’t realize I’d made a possible pun there, until someone else pointed it out. I hope nobody’s insulted. Also, I must point out that not every PWD is in a wheelchair. As for stem cell research, that’s a different situation…I think Congress might approve more of it. Thanks for your comments.–MS

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