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Go, Dave!

He didn’t try to redefine the English language. He didn’t clear his throat and look down at his shoes, ashamed. He didn’t force his wife to walk out onto the stage and hold his hand while he confessed his sins. And he didn’t pay a blackmailer two million dollars to shut up.

No, David Letterman, separating himself from the rest of the hypocrites who get caught with their pants down, told his audience straight out, “Yes, I did have sex with women who worked for me.” The audience laughed and applauded, whether because they were grateful to hear the truth or because anything Dave says comes out funny is unclear.


Many of us thought Bill Clinton could have changed a few sexual attitudes in this country had he just admitted to engaging in–and liking–sex, but he was too much of a coward. Dave is not, and for that he deserves respect.


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  1. Amen for honesty…… for cheating….amen for not giving in to blackmail.

    It’s not even clear that Dave was cheating–he wasn’t yet married when he had sex with Stephanie Burkitt.–MS

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