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Universal Insurance

office womanSo it looks as if, instead of universal health care, what we’re going to get is mandatory universal health insurance, with employers and individuals responsible for themselves, and a punishing fine if you don’t buy it. WTF?!

I should’ve been out there screaming and hollering with the crazies. Turns out they’re not so crazy after all.

The rationale for mandatory insurance is that without it, the insurance companies won’t be able to cover everyone! This is corporate socialism, courtesy of Congressional Democrats and a ‘liberal’ President. Republicans still maintain they’re not voting for it.

Those lunatics who cried “I don’t want the government messing with my Medicare” were, unbelievably, not far from reality. Like I said, not so loony after all.

Bring me my gun, Jeeves, I’m a-goin’ to a town hall meetin’!


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  1. I agree Marcy. This is not the kinda change the lefties counted on. Obama went to DC thinking he was going to be boss, and found out that the insurers owned his party (and the other party too, which we all knew).

  2. Its not a done deal. The House still has a public option. Either way, this is solely for people who cannot afford health insurance or are not eligible for it through work.
    I am sure fines won’t be imposed but I am not opposed to it as we pay enormous taxes that are used to pay for those who go to hospitals with complications because they can’t afford health insurance. We have to figure a way to get those people insured.

    And guess what? While Medicare is not perfect, it works. Ask any senior.

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