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World Series Playoffs

So, here we are in the midst of the Championship Series for the American League and the National League–the ALCS and NLCS. In the ALCS, Yankees won two games, and the LA Angels won their first game last night. In the National, Phillies won three and Dodgers one–leaving the Phillies, last year’s champs, just one game from a win.

I like a good narrative for the World Series–for instance, much as I hated seeing the Red Sox win a few years ago for the first time in a hundred, it sure made for an intriguing story. Shortly after that series, I happened to be in the Westchester graveyard where Babe Ruth is buried, and found flowers and notes from Sox fans strewn around his grave, thanking him for “lifting the curse.”

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This season I’ve been hoping for a Dodger-Yankee series, out of nostalgia for my childhood, during which these two teams faced off so many times, I thought it was for them that the World Series was invented. (Not to mention the irony, this year, of Joe Torre managing the team opposite the Yanks.)

Wanting to experiment with WordPress’s new poll application, I present herewith the opportunity for readers to express their wishes or opinions. Who do YOU want to see in the World Series? Vote early and often!


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  1. My first visit….

    Had to vote for the Phillies. I’m from Arkansas and so is Cliff Lee. Plus, I used to work with his father-in-law who gave me an autographed rookie card back around 2001 or 2002. So the more air time Cliff gets – it seems the richer I should be getting!

    Of course when I was a kid in the fifties, it just had to be the Dodgers and Yankees….

    You must be a native New Yorker, judging by your last sentence. So how’s that Cliff Lee money thing working out for you? Thanks for stopping by and voting.–MS

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