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Phillies Win National

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies, who crushed the LA Dodgers and now await another crack at the world title. Too bad for Joe Torre, and too bad it won’t be a Dodger-Yankee match–but I’m content with the excitement generated by last year’s champs trying to hang onto the title against…well, I certainly hope they’ll be playing against the New York Yankees, and by all appearances it shall be so.

Meanwhile, the votes are in! Two-thirds of you agreed with me and went for a Dodger-Yankee thrash, while one-third voted for Phillies v. Yankees, and nobody voted for the Angels. Of course, this is based on a pretty small electoral base–despite numerous hits to the post, only four people actually cast votes. Are polls worth putting up? Was the topic not intriguing enough? What do readers think?


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