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Joe Schmo Lieberman

LiebermanHow irresponsible is it for an American Senator to pronounce the attacks at Fort Hood an act of terrorism before anyone’s even spoken to the attacker? Lieberman seems to want to whip everyone into a post 9-11 frenzy over this unfortunate, and probably much more complex, incident. This is not to defend the shooter, or deny the horrifying nature of his indefensible actions—but what I thought when I heard the first sketchy details had to do with the irony of the guy’s occupation: psychiatrist.

I’m not saying it’s impossible that the guy was a terrorist; but the nature of the event strongly suggests that personal issues were involved–personal issues such as insanity. And then there’s the tiny little factor that he was about to be sent to war after months of listening to horrifying war stories from returning soldiers. Still, I’ll concede that he might be a terrorist; I  just think it’s premature to begin weaving paranoid plots.

Are things too quiet for Lieberman lately? Does he miss the fear-mongering dom-wpaddleteam of Bush/Cheney? Nostalgic for some good old-fashioned Muslim-hating? What he’s doing is absolutely unconscionable, and if someone in that esteemed body of legislators he hangs out with doesn’t shove a rubber ball into his big ugly mouth, I vote we send in a terrorizing dominatrix to do the job.


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  1. I think you’re likely right about the “personal issues”. I would also say that some sort of personal issues probably play a role in all terrorist incidents.

  2. Leibermann is an ass – I guess he is getting bored with his threats about ‘filibustering’ and has to go back to the terrorists issue.

    I wish someone would point out to Joe that his filibustering threats would fall under the heading of terrorist – not as he seems to perceive it – Muslims Only – but as the Dictionary defines it:

    terrorist |ˈterərist|
    a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims.

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