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Martha Coakley, Red Sox Nation, and Teddy’s Seat

Personally I think the Senate should adopt baseball’s time-honored ritual and retire the seats of former members of great fame, accomplishment and/or longevity. Ted Kennedy’s seat would simply remain in the Senate, empty, as a symbolic reminder of what’s been lost. Of course, the great state of Massachussets shouldn’t be deprived of its rightful two senators: they can still elect someone to do the job. But at least a Republican would not be literally sitting in the Liberal Lion’s chair.

Come to think of it, maybe Massachussets deserves to lose representation, considering their stupidity. The pundits and politicoes have been wasting time all week, turning this thing over and about, examining what happened from every angle, when the truth is, these voters are just plain stupid.  Most of the pundits seem to think they were expressing a desire for change. What change could they expect from Scott Brown, a dyed-in-the-wool Republican who’s been up front in his intention to join his brethren in their holy crusade–to make sure that no changes occur in this country, at least not on the Democrats’ watch, and certainly not under the leadership of an African-American.

If Martha Coakley made one big blunder we might point to as relevant, it was dragging Red Sox Nation into the campaign. It’s a known fact that Red Sox fans are the dumbest fans in sports, bar none (I submit the photos here as evidence). The scene at Fenway Park almost always resembles a reunion of morons, with their drunken, painted faces and bellies, their sloppy, silly behavior, and their lame,  immature taunts to the visiting team. Yes, there’s some  stupidity in every team’s fans (the Angels and Braves are close runners-up), but IMHO Red Sox fans are the worst.

Thus, when Martha Coakley denigrated their Holy God, arch conservative Curt Schilling, he of the catsup-soaked sock, by claiming he’s secretly a Yankee fan, she stupidly sealed her fate. A huge portion of the Massachussets electorate lives and dies by the Red Sox. Absolutely nothing is rattling in their brains other than the rise and fall of their team’s statistics.  When Ms. Coakley enraged these fans, they had to vote for Scott Brown:   never in a million years would they let her remark go unpunished.

One thing that puzzles me is, if Massachussetts voters are okay with a Republican representing them, why did they vote for Ted Kennedy—for all the Kennedys—for so many years? Maybe it’s because they regard the Kennedys as their personal connection to royalty. Principles and political views–the act of thinking–apparently never enters the equation.

Schilling, who has himself speculated about running for public office (shudder), was ‘dissing Coakley long before she made her accusation. Horrified by her remark, he intensified his blogging campaign against her. “I’ve been called a lot of things,” he said in response, “but never, and I mean never, could anyone ever make the mistake of calling me a Yankee fan.”

And if you think Curt Schilling has even half a brain in his head, just read a few of his posts. A great thinker he is not. Bearing in mind that an awful lot of Massachussets residents hang onto his every word, read his blog. Then you’ll have an inkling of why the Democrats lost Ted Kennedy’s seat.

Click for another interesting take on the election.


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