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Season Opener at Fenway

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The Yankees and Red Sox opened the 2010 Baseball Season last night at Fenway Park, where my Bronx babes were welcomed with a round of boo’s by those rude Bostonians. No wonder they lost! Just kidding…the Sox do occasionally beat the boys from Da Bronx, but hopefully not enough to come out ahead in October.

The absence of Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui was acutely felt here in my house, though Curtis Granderson (see photo!) promises to be a great addition to the team. In fact, he hit the second home run of the game.

Who hit the first? you might well ask. As a matter of fact, the first home run by a Yankee in the 2010 season was magnificently hit by none other than their long-time 38-year-old catcher, Jorge Posada. You know, that guy who’s going to have his worst season ever, according to Scott White? That guy whose been so beat up by the catcher’s position he can hardly hold a bat? Yes, that very same guy! Put that in your pretentious pipe and smoke it, Mr. White!

Yankee Trivia: Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter, and Mariano Rivera have been playing together longer than any trio in the MLB, NFL or NBA–sixteen years of loyal–and excellent–teamwork.

I’m elated to be back in front of the television watching  games, and to be blogging my heart out with my biased opinions. Opening Day should be declared a national holiday!

PS: During the 7th inning stretch, Neil Diamond showed up to lead the faithful in singing Sweet Caroline, which has become some sort of perverse ritual at Fenway. Diamond seems to have lost his singing mojo, and mostly spoke the words…far worse, however, was Steve Tyler of Aerosmith, looking like he’d just rolled out of a sleeping bag, croaked out the worst version of God Bless America (a capella yet!) to ever be heard on land or on sea. Ah, Red Sox Nation: you consistently amaze me with your strange customs.


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  1. I also am delighted by the start of baseball season! I didn’t get to start watching last night until the fifth inning, at which time things seemed to start going downhill.

    Am looking forward, though, to my first game at Yankee Stadium next week when my partner and I take a trip to New York.

    Thanks for this account! I’ve enjoyed stopping by your blog to read baseball/Yankees talk. 🙂

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