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Comcast: A Cold, Cruel, Callous Cable Company

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Comcast is rapidly becoming the biggest Blue Meanie in my life: I am bound and determined to seek revenge, with my pen/keyboard if nothing else.

As stated in my last post, I was receiving, along with thousands of users, a free preview of MLB. Comcast never said how long this “gift” would last, but I naively figured they’d alert me before pulling the plug. Silly me.

What they did must have been carefully calculated to pull in new subscribers for maximum profit. They took back their “gift” just prior to Yankee Stadium‘s season opener and the ring ceremony for the 2009 World Series.

Fortunately, I happened to tune in three hours beforehand, because I’d heard that Mike and Mike would be on, giving me enough time to race through my morning’s ablutions, hop on a bus and get to my son’s home just in time for– nothing! MLB didn’t show the ring ceremony! I should’ve known they’d use all that precious time with the “Unauthorized” box on the screen to pull in new subscribers–I’m willing to bet that a lot of people who had my experience   immediately picked up the phone and ordered the $200 MLB package. This, as most people know, is not an option for me.

So there I was at 9:00, on my son’s couch, awaiting the ballgame. I abandoned a sinkful of dirty dishes and the pile of tax papers on my desk, and I wasn’t certain if I’d turned off the electric heater. I don’t mind sacrificing for baseball–it kind of reminds me of how I used to sacrifice to get to rock ‘n’ roll shows. What I mind is being at the mercy of a greedy, nasty, cruel, corporation that’s growing richer and more powerful every day.

P.S. You can watch the ring ceremony on YouTube. Note the outpouring of love for Hideki Matsui, so bittersweet in his Angels uniform.


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